SmartAlpha precision is now mobile!

SmartAlpha precision is now mobile!
Alongside the re-certification of Nerveblox® under the new EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR), our new offering “Nerveblox for Android” is now also CE-marked for handheld use. It’s crafted to integrate with handheld ultrasounds to take AI guidance to new heights!

A huge shoutout to the SmartAlpha QA/RA team for their exceptional dedication and work!

It’s perfect time to use AI in healthcare.

AI systems are able to learn incomparably faster than human beings. This allows us to develop artificial experts tutored in numerous institutes in a short time.

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Nerveblox is a CE marked medical device which indicates that it meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.It is not available for sale in United States and this content does not constitute a clinical benefit nor a commercial offer.

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