Announcement : Two new clinical trials

Nerveblox is an AI-driven decision support solution to encourage anesthesiologists practice peripheral nerve blocks (PNB). Two independent clinical trial recently report that this assertion is validated.

One of the trials by Gungor et al. has been published in the Journal of Anesthesia. It focused on determining the accuracy of Nerveblox as an artificial intelligence (AI)-based real-time anatomy identification software purposely designed to aid image interpretation during ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks (UGPNBs). This study involved forty healthy participants from Gazi University, Anesthesiology and Reanimation clinic. They each underwent ultrasound scans in order to visualize the required anatomical structures for interscalene, supraclavicular, infraclavicular and transversus abdominis plane blocks. These scans were performed by anesthesiology trainees using ultrasound guidance with SmartAlpha’s Nerveblox software.

While the study did not include participants from the geriatric and pediatric groups, from the results gathered, the study coordinators reported very high scores of accuracy and resolved that using Nerveblox’s artificial intelligence software to enhance the UGPNB process is promising. They alluded that as an assistive tool, Nerveblox functions accordingly by interpreting sonoanatomy in real-time to help ensure immediate and efficient decision-making.

The second study was case-report based, and it evaluated artificial intelligence assisted ultrasound-guided regional nerve blocks in three (3) patients. This case report clinical investigation was conducted at the University of Health Sciences, Training and Research Hospital, Department Of Anesthesiology And Reanimation, Ankara, Turkey. This study involved three (3) patients who had undergone regional block with the assistance of Nerveblox’s artificial intelligence-powered software via ultrasound.

Two of the participants had an infraclavicular nerve block, while the other had a pectoral nerve block. All three procedures were done once, and they were successful. Additionally, the study reported no occurrence of local anesthetic toxicity or vascular puncture. At the end of the case report, the study coordinators determined that using Nerveblox’s artificial intelligence software to assist peripheral nerve blocks procedures not only decreases the duration of each but also drives a reduction in the number of attempts.

These two studies have corroborated SmartAlpha’s declaration of Nerveblox’s features. They have expressly pointed out that the software is applicable to any type of PNB and that no special training or additional equipment outside of an ultrasound machine is necessary.
We are happy and excited about these clinical trials and even more excited to share them with you. There are ongoing researches in various clinics where Nerveblox, our artificial intelligence software for regional anesthesia, is being used and we look forward to hear and announce the results.

The articles are published online and can be reached at:

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